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Our First Jeans
Our First Jeans
Our First Jeans

Our First Jeans

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What an achievement we have reached!  We are selling our first pair of jeans!!!   I know that doesn't seem like an achievement but in the boutique world, and small boutique world, it is!

I know this pair probably doesn't do it for the Gen Z population but they aren't really our target LOL.... young fashionista mom's are!  Women who have been through all the trends in the past 20 years and can attest that skinny jeans are a tried and true staple.  

Now, this isn't to say we aren't getting in other styles in the near future, wink wink, look for them soon.... we just wanted our first pair to speak to our core customers.  

This pair of jeans speak to all of the eras and look AMAZING ON most body types.  We definitely are not regretting that these are our first pair to roll out.  

Judy Blue is the brand and a solid brand at that.  

Comes in sizes 0-15

Distressed skinny jeans with a high definition look in a true denim color.


Sizing: Equivalency  

0 (24)

1 (25)

3 (26)

5 (27)

7 (28)

9 (29)

11 (30)

13 (31)

!5 (32)